CITA Errors & Omissions Insurance for Agents

You provide protection for your clients; who is protecting you?

E&O liability insurance is a necessity for every insurance agent. CITA Insurance Services offers an exclusive E&O program for Insurance Agents. Let CITA Insurance Services help protect your business and reduce out-of-pocket expenses. Some of our E&O program advantages include:

E&O Program Highlights*

  • Exclusive Program
  • A+ XV A.M. Best-Rated Carrier
  • Admitted Coverage
  • Easy, Online Application
  • Streamlined Renewals
  • In-House Underwriting
  • In-House Claims Management

E&O Coverage Highlights*

  • First Dollar Defense
  • Defense Costs Outside the Limits of Liability
  • Low Capped Deductible (2X Aggregate)
  • Specified Provider Deductible Option
  • Up to 80/20 Consent to Settle Option
  • Personal Identity Event Cyber Coverage Option
  • Diminishing Deductible


What are my payment options?
Payment methods include:

  • Credit Card
  • ACH (debit to checking)
  • Check

Payment options include:

  • Pay in full
  • 4-pay plan
  • 10-pay plan

Are there any fees for installment plans?

Will I receive a paper bill?
No. This will be an electronic funds transfer only.

Is the product admitted or non admitted?
Our product is admitted however it’s available on a non admitted basis for qualified risks.

How do I make changes or updates to my certificate of insurance?
Please contact CITA Insurance Services at: 800-280-7250.

Does this product have risk management services?
Yes. We have a risk management resource center, which includes pre claims assistance and a risk management hotline.

Can CITA provide quote options from more than one market/carrier?
No. CITA offers this product exclusively.

Is auto-renewal or short-form renewal available?
Yes, for qualified clients (those with expiring premiums of $10,000 or less and with no claims activity in the most recent policy term), CITA can offer a streamlined renewal application process.

Where do I report claims?
Claims should be reported to Lancer Claims Services. All claims should be submitted via one of the following methods:

  • Electronically:
  • Fax: 714-978-8023
  • Via Mail:
    First Reports Desk
    Lancer Claims Services
    681 S. Parker Street, Suite 300
    Orange, CA 92868




Defense Costs are available Inside or Outside the Limits of Liability:
Defense Costs “outside” will not reduce your policy limits of liability

Defense costs associated with E&O claims can rise to substantial amounts depending on the case. With Defense costs outside the limits of liability, you don’t have to worry about attorney fees, investigation fees, etc. eroding your policy limits.

Deductible options include First Dollar Defense where your deductible does not apply to defense costs:
Litigation costs associated with E&O claims can be expensive, even in a case where liability is non-existent. With First Dollar Defense coverage, you will have zero out-of-pocket expense if your case is dismissed or if the only costs associated with your case are defense costs.

A+, XV (Superior) Rated Carrier:
Underwritten by CITA’s new A+, XV (Superior) rated carrier by A.M. Best Company*
A carrier’s rating validates the financial strength and stability of the program. Opting for an insurance company with a higher financial rating minimizes the risk of your E&O carrier becoming insolvent and unable to continue to defend and/or indemnify you in a time of need.

High Limit Option, Up to $15M:
Multiple limit options available to fit your business need

Insolvency Exclusion Carveback:
Coverage applies in cases where claims arise from the financial insolvency of a carrier rated B+ or better by A.M. Best Company or Demotech, Inc.,

E&O Claim Example: A customer, Joe Bloom, reports a claim to his carrier, which is rated B+ by A.M. Best Company. Shortly after, the carrier becomes insolvent making them unable to pay the claim, causing Joe’s Agent, Linda, to face liability for the claim. Because Linda’s E&O policy has an exception to the Insolvency Exclusion, for carriers with a B+ or better rating, she has potential coverage in this matter.

Access to Insurance Agency E&O Risk Management Resources:
Free resources to help you manage E&O risks
Includes a risk management hotline, pre-claims assistance, risk management tools, education, events and publications.

Declining Deductible Option:
Deductible reduction applies when you are claim free and renew your policy.
Receive a 10% deductible reduction after your 1st claim-free E&O policy year. By continuing to remain claim-free, you can increase your deductible reduction by 10% each year. For instance, you may receive a 30% lower deductible by your third E&O policy year by simply remaining claim-free, and a 50% lower deductible if the same holds true after 5 years.

Easy Online Renewal:
Opportunity to save time when renewing coverage
Qualifying smaller insurance agencies that are claims free may be eligible to simply answer five underwriting questions for two renewal periods.

Low Capped Deductible (2x Aggregate):
Reduces exposures to aggregate claims in an E&O policy period

E&O Claim Example: P&C Agent John Smith has written several flood insurance policies through the course of his career. However, Mr. Smith consistently misrepresented how the policy responds to personal property stored in a basement. A hurricane hits and thousands of policyholders are impacted. Shortly after, several claims are reported regarding the misrepresentation of the policy. Because Mr. Smith’s E&O Insurance deductible aggregate is capped at 2x the deductible, he is able to limit out-of-pocket expense by limiting the number of claim deductibles applied.

Specified Provider Deductible Option:
Lower deductible option for E&O Claims arising from business through an agency’s top carrier.

80/20 Consent to Settle Option:
Minimizes the risk of out-of-pocket expenses

E&O Claim Example: Sally Jones, a P&C Agent, decides not to give consent to settle to a $10,000 compromised settlement despite the carrier and defense counsel recommending the acceptance of the same. Sally maintains she did nothing wrong and the Plaintiff is lying about the transaction at issue. The case proceeds to trial and the Plaintiff ultimately receives a $20,000 reward. Without the 80/20 Consent to Settle Option in her E&O policy, Sally would have been responsible for 100% of the difference between the settlement option and judgment, plus attorney fees from the date the settlement option was rejected. Since approximately $5,000 in attorney and defense costs were incurred by Sally, the net effect of having had an 80/20 Consent to Settle clause in her policy would have been savings of approximately $12,000.

Program Highlights:
Please refer to the Highlights document and Specimen Policy form.