Risk Management Information

Included in our Insurance Agent’s E&O program is loss prevention counselling.  Our clients will have easy access to an experienced senior risk management attorney to confidentially discuss matters involving a potential claim, incident, or risk management inquiries.  This feature is intended to help our clients prevent issues from arising or from turning into bigger problems and/or costly claims.  Counselling available through this program is designed to address concerns such as the following:

    • Issues raised by holding yourself out as a specialist
    • Handling of a potential claim
    • Failure to identify client exposure
    • Communicating a potential error to a client
    • Structuring your office’s policies, procedures and administration to prevent issues from arising
Loss Prevention Hotline


NOTE:  The loss prevention hotline is available only to policyholders through CITA’s Insurance Agent’s E&O program.   Please have your policy and policy number readily available when contacting the hotline.

Risk Management Articles: